When I was a young woman learning to live on my own, my mom bought me a new (1985) copy of her trusty favorite cookbook “Joy of Cooking.” I kept it all these years, and when my daughter went away to college I bought her a new copy too. I thought there might be some recipes she liked in it. But of course, my daughter’s generation would rather look up recipes online than use old-fashioned cookbooks. So she brought her copy home and left it in my kitchen with the older one.

An old "Joy of Cooking" next to a newer one. 

To be honest, I haven’t used the cookbook in a long time because I generally cook simple dinners, and my husband and I have given up eating desserts. There’s certainly no reason for me to keep two copies! So, it’s high time for the 1985 version, which has less content anyway, to go bye-bye.

About Clutter Comedy: Every Sunday (which I envision as a day of rest after a productive week of de-cluttering) I post a Clutter Comedy article describing my most memorable clutter discovery of the week. Other bloggers who wish to join in are welcome—just post a link in the comments! There’s no need to publish any “before” photos of your clutter, if they are too embarrassing. The idea is simply to get motivated to clean it up, while having a bit of fun too!


  1. good call! We have a more modern version of The Joy of Cooking. My husband, being the real chef between the two of us, asked for it as a birthday present several years ago. He wanted to have it as an ultimate cooking reference. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been opened in years, but we keeep it on a book shelf more for display purposes. In reality, we go to the internet for recipes and cooking how-to’s too 🙂 But I guess it is nice know it’s there.

    • Yes, I sometimes look at it just because of curiosity about what can be done with a particular food, but rarely end up actually cooking a recipe from it.

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