This morning I mentioned to my husband that it was about time to sign up for a rowing sprint race in Indianapolis, which we attend every summer. The course is always windy, and we’re not the best at rowing in windy and choppy conditions; but every time we try it, we do better than before. Last year we got third place in our mixed double race.

We regularly finish ahead of another couple who are less experienced, but also improving each year. Their goal, for now, is to catch up to us. It’s kind of nice being someone’s inspiration!

Word-art that says "Try and fail, don't fail to try."

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  1. It is a good feeling to know you inspire others.

    • Yes, and a helpful reminder too — even when I feel like I’m not very good at something, others may be wishing they could do as much!

  2. What a wonderful quote to remember! And yes, always great to know you helped others! :

  3. My yoga instructor tells her class trying is doing.

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