My husband is the coxswain for our rowing club. I don’t row the big team boats, so when he coxes on Tuesday and Thursday after work, I stay home and work a longer day.

When he came home this evening, he told me that the rowers rescued a small bird that had somehow fallen into the river. It was too waterlogged to fly and was flapping frantically, struggling to stay afloat. Maneuvering the boat next to the bird took a little time, what with being careful not to bump it or create a wake that would swamp it. Once the boat was in a good position, one of the rowers picked the bird up out of the water, and the crew brought it safely to shore.

Word-art that says "Compassion."

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  1. Such a beautiful story—so wonderful your husband and the rowing crew got to rescue this young bird! 😇

  2. This is wonderful! I’ve heard of many bird rescues these days, good to know there are people doing the right thing and taking care of these little ones.

    • We have a pair of killdeer that always build their nest on the gravel path between the boathouse and the dock. The eggs look just like pieces of speckled gravel, so they’re camouflaged. Each year, whoever first notices the nest puts a traffic cone next to the nest so it won’t get stepped on. The birds are very good parents, watching over the nest carefully and trying to distract people walking by. Unfortunately, the eggs never survive because predators find them, but we’re hoping that someday they will have better luck.

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