Because it has been unusually warm this week, my husband and I decided to go rowing yesterday. We hadn’t gone out since November, and we’d been looking forward to another enjoyable season with our rowing club. Summer and its long sunny days seemed right around the corner!

People in small boats rowing on a river. 

The forecast called for occasional light showers, though, and when we got to the boathouse there wasn’t anyone else around. Then the rain started coming down harder, and an updated forecast showed more of it blowing in. But since we were already there, we decided to go for a short row anyway. It was good to get out and enjoy nature, even with a little rain!

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  1. Ahh yes! I love being in the rain sometimes! Sounds fun!

  2. Hi Meg, I love to be n the water when it’s raining, pool, beach, lake, it’s so wonderful. Glad you had a lovely day in the raining!

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