After my husband and I got finished with our work this afternoon, we started talking about companies not being in a rush to reopen offices. Instead, managers are reassuring employees that they won’t have to go back to the office before they feel comfortable with it, and that returning to the office will start with those who want to go back right away.

We both found ourselves wondering how companies will find enough volunteers to make reopening offices worthwhile. Not only are many people anxious about going out, they’re also getting very comfortable with the unhurried pace of working at home. No commute, no business clothes, and a more relaxed workday in general. Just being here in the moment comes easily.

Word-art with hands holding the word "Be."

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  1. Completely agree! It will be tough to go back to the old routine. I another side we need to be thankful to have a place to go back, many places will not open again and many people are out of job.

    • Yes, governments will have to do more to create jobs. Many people were already struggling to find good jobs because of automation.

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