I’m still wearing the Fitbit Alta that I got in April; it’s helpful for reminding me to get up from my desk chair more often, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep. There is one thing it doesn’t do, though; I often row on the river, and the Fitbit is not programmed to identify rowing motions, so it doesn’t include that when it counts time spent exercising. It recognizes other activities such as walking, running, and bicycling.

That left me wondering if I should turn off the icon on the Fitbit phone app that counts days of exercise, so as not to be annoyed by it. After giving that some thought, however, I decided that walking more would be a healthy, nurturing thing to do, whether or not I row. Now that the warm summer days are here and getting outside for a walk feels refreshing, it’s another way to take better care of myself.

Word-art that says "Be kind to everyone, including yourself."

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  1. Indira Mukhopadhyay

    So nice advice. That’s what people tend to forget.

  2. I enjoy walking when I get some free time. It’s a great way to explore various New York City neighborhoods with my trusty Samsung cell phone camera

    • Sounds like fun! I live in a quiet urban-sprawl subdivision outside Dayton, Ohio, where there’s not much to see besides farms and a few deer. It’s good to get out and walk around anyway, though.

      • My Mom grew up in Dayton, Ohio back in the 1930s and 1940s. She left for New York city in the late 1950s when she married Dad. Mom only went back to visit when I was born in 1959 and my brother Stephen in 1961. Then never again. Both my parents are buried in Brooklyn, NY.

        • There are two kinds of people in Dayton — those who never leave and those who get out as soon as they’re grown 🙂

          • Dayton was a Jim Crow city back in the 30s, 40s & 50s. My mother and father did not want us to grow up in that type of racist environment. Even when I visited there as an adult in the 80s and 90s things were not much better. I could see why my mother left. Once my grandmother and both my aunts died I never visited Dayton, Ohio again nor would I want to. Once you have an understanding of history you avoid certain places. Yes there is discrimination in New York but the Midwest and Bible belt are much worse.

  3. Yes, there are other places that are better, but my husband’s family are all in Dayton, so I expect I’ll be here for a while yet.

    My family are the sort who pick up and move whenever they feel like it, so they’re scattered all over the country. I wouldn’t want that much stress.

  4. I know what you mean about not having particular forms of movement accounted for — however, you take on walking is a kind and gentle one — walking is such a refreshing form of meditation, even in the heat! Thank you for turning everyday moments into nurturing shares. 😀

  5. Walking is great, but I’d love to row! Maybe need to get a rowing machine as row boats are not so good on the ocean 🙂

    • Florida has many lovely places to row on rivers, and there are some rowing boats that are made for the ocean. I’ve heard that manatees can be a hazard, though, because sometimes they get playful and tip rowers out of boats for fun. 🙂

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