Considering what has been going on in politics recently, I’d say we all could use as much distraction as we can get. I’ve been changing the images on the digital art display on my dining room wall at least once a day, so that I can at least pretend to be somewhere far away from it all. At the moment, it has an image of Lake Havasu at the Grand Canyon to brighten up the room.

Photo of digital art display with picture of Lake Havasu

Have you been doing anything fun for a virtual escape? If so, feel free to post about it in the comments. (And, of course, make sure to vote anyway!)


  1. I agree with you about needed distraction! Love that picture! Have you been to the Grand Canyon? We went on our 10th anniversary.
    This blog pretty much has been my escape for now 🙂

  2. My virtual distraction, in addition to have lots of work right now, has been working on my digital images…that’s a beautiful world to escape to 🙂

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