While I was doing my grocery shopping today, the woman behind me in the checkout line introduced herself, said that she went to the same gym with my husband and daughter a few years ago, and asked me to tell them that she said hello.

I thought at first that she must have an excellent memory for faces, recognizing me when I wasn’t a member of that gym. She couldn’t have seen me more than a few times. But then my husband pointed out that his Facebook photo includes me, so that probably was how she knew my face.

Anyway, however it might have happened, it was nice to get an unexpected cheerful greeting while I was just buying groceries, and it left me smiling.

Word-art that says "Be the reason someone smiles today."

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  1. Love this! Those simple things really can make our day a little brighter! 🙂

  2. Another great example of how those lil acts of kindness can turn or add to our days. Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday!

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