As this year’s political campaign season in the United States draws to a close (mercifully), I’ve seen far fewer yard signs and bumper stickers than in past years. In part, that is because people don’t feel as enthusiastic about the candidates; but there also seems to be some anxiety about not upsetting neighbors who have different views. While there’s something to be said for avoiding arguments and turning down the volume on politics, people shouldn’t be so worried that they are afraid to say anything.

We’ve also had a lot of anxiety in the workplace in recent years because of the unsettled economy. Workers don’t want to change jobs and take risks. Young people are afraid to borrow money for education because they can’t be sure of getting a job when they graduate. Everything looks scary. Often we don’t want to take chances by doing something different; it’s safer to stay quiet.

Word-art of a peacock blending into grass that asks "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

Although taking the path of least resistance may seem prudent, we also need to consider how much is lost by just blending in and avoiding risks.

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  1. A good edition for Nurturing Thursday! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You make good points! Good post! I believe you are right about people not wanting to offend their neighbors. this is just such a volatile election it seems.

  3. Brilliant quote it was …..

  4. Yep. We all have uniqueness to share. We need to honor our differences while still honoring our true selves and what we know is right. I’m going to go work on that 🙂

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