I haven’t yet gotten around to planting annual flowers, mainly because the weather has been chilly and going outdoors just hasn’t seemed as inviting. But it was comfortable today, the sun was shining in a clear sky, and I’m definitely going to do my planting this weekend. Getting connected with the earth doesn’t just nurture the garden; it also takes care of the soul.

Word-art that says "Take care of yourself."

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  1. Planting sounds so wonderful! Weather hugs around the chilly weather and look forward to hearing how the flowers are growing in months ahead. Plants in general are just SO amazing in how the operate and defy gravity as they grow! Enjoy … 🦋

    • Hi Paula, I planted lantana and petunias around the mailbox yesterday afternoon. I tried that two years ago, and the rabbits promptly ate all the petunias; but I’m hoping for better luck this year. 🙂

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