Over the weekend, the weather turned rainy, dark, and chilly here. It’s starting to feel like winter is not far away. Before I sat down at the computer to write this post, I put on my fluffy winter socks and comfy pajamas with a matching scarf.

But I’m not quite ready to give up summertime feelings of adventure and settle into long months of quiet hibernation, so I put this photo taken in Japan’s Yakushima Forest on my digital art display:

Mossy rocks in a stream in Yakushima Forest, Japan.

Doesn’t it look like an illustration of an enchanted forest from an old-fashioned book of fairy tales, where anyone who followed the stream far enough would discover a magical cottage full of hidden treasures?

And with that picture on my wall, it’s almost like my house is the fairy cottage and I am looking out the window at the path I followed to reach it, after bravely daring to walk in the front door and finding no witches or goblins lurking there. Just right for the day before Halloween!


  1. I hear you about putting on the comfy warm clothes. Fall is in the air and winter isn’t far away!
    Love your picture. It does seem magical. I really need to get myself one of those digital art display things! 🙂 Its so cool what you put on it. !

    • Sadly, the company that I bought it from ran out of money, and it’s not sold anymore. I’m sure there must be similar products out there somewhere, though.

  2. Your picture truly presents an enchanted forest, beautiful! We, here is Florida are just seeing the first glimpses of fall weather…60s is a treat in the morning!

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