Even though today has been cold and gray where I live, with occasional rain and plenty of thick clouds hanging low, the signs of spring all around are making it look brighter anyway! All the green growing things are waking up from their winter sleep. There’s a pale green shimmer spreading over the willow hedge as the leaves start to open, and the rose bushes are sprouting little leaf buds. And after last week’s cleanup of old dead flowers, I can see lots of bulbs coming up in my front garden.

Green tips of bulbs coming up in my front garden. 

“The bulbs in the secret garden must have been much astonished. Such nice clear places were made round them that they had all the breathing space they wanted, and really, if Mistress Mary had known it, they began to cheer up under the dark earth and work tremendously. The sun could get at them and warm them, and when the rain came down it could reach them at once, so they began to feel very much alive.”

— Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden (1911)

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  1. Yay spring! I live in Arizona and planted an herb garden last weekend (after clearing out a TON of weeds) 🙂 It was waaaay more work than I would have thought, but it’s done! And the herbs look happy so far. Happy spring & happy gardening!

    • Herbs, yay! I always plant lots of alyssum, which (as one of my friends told me two years ago) is both a flower and a cruciferous vegetable. In addition to making the garden smell lovely, it’s good on salads, and it gives chicken soup a nice peppery taste. The ancient Greeks used it as herbal medicine to maintain a positive mood. 🙂

  2. The beginnings of this Spring seems especially important for me … hope rising forth! I spotted the beginnings of our bluebonnets along the highway yesterday — it immediately lifted my spirit!

    Thank you for linking to Nurturing Thursday! You are AWESOME! <3

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