I went outside to run at noon. The sun was shining brightly, though it was still chilly. I generally feel better when I can get some exercise outdoors—not just because of the physical fitness benefits, but also because it puts the to-dos on hold for a little while and sets the mind free to wander peacefully.

When people talk about why it’s good to exercise, they usually don’t add daydreaming to the list; but I believe that exercising the imagination is just as essential to a healthy life as exercising the body. After all, the stories that we tell ourselves shape our view of the world, just like physical exercise keeps the body in shape. Taking time to explore new stories helps keep the mind from getting too flabby.

Wishing all my readers a peaceful holiday season with plenty of free time to daydream!

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  1. Ohh, I totally agree — often, the mind doesn’t get the “peaceful daydreaming or rest” it needs! Thank you for sharing! Have a peacefully blessed Christmas and holiday season!

  2. I love spin classes, but now I’m taking a break because of health issues, but I miss them. You are right, exercise is good for the body and better for the mind. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Hi Elizabeth, I hope you’ll feel better soon and be able to get back to the spin classes! 🙂

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