Because my daughter has been here longer than expected since she graduated from college last May, we’ve all been stepping on her dog’s toys for months. So we decided it was about time to start training the dog to pick up those toys. In addition to playing with the usual chew toys, the dog gleefully nabs stuffed animals from my daughter’s room whenever the opportunity arises. We put the toys in a laundry basket, with a blanket at the bottom to raise them up high enough for a small dog to reach easily.

Laundry basket full of dog toys and stuffed animals. 

I don’t know if the dog will actually learn how to put away the toys and start doing it consistently before my daughter moves to an apartment. But even if we do more of the picking up than the dog does, it’s worthwhile because the house is much more comfortable without dog toys scattered all over the place. There’s a useful lesson in that, I’d say. Just a little effort to get things better organized can go a long way toward a more pleasant environment, no matter whose toys are in need of picking up!

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  1. Hi Meg, please let me know if works, so I can try with my boys, their socks are everywhere! 🙂

  2. When we have order in our lives we seem to think better. At least, I do. I get extremely frazzled when there’s disorder.
    I suppose the doggie could learn to pick them up. My neighbors little dog takes his to the basket and lays them in front. That’s a start.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! I work better…think more clearly…in an organized environment. Even if it’s just organizing the mess. hugs…

  4. Meg, your post made me smile! Our little dog is constantly leaving toys throughout the house. We have a basket as well but he’s much better at taking them out than putting them in!☺️

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