In a conversation on another blog about the hot mess that was the first presidential debate, I mentioned that I am contributing to the Carter Center, which—for the first time ever—will be monitoring the election in the United States because the country now meets its criteria for a democracy at risk.

While it’s not easy to keep a positive outlook in such times, I am grateful for the strong tradition of American democracy; hopeful that our citizens will vote to restore a decent government; and heartened by seeing so many people doing what they can to help.

Word-art that says "Look back and be grateful, look ahead and be hopeful, look around and be helpful."

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  1. Great quote! Yes, we gotta do what we can to stay positive in these times and I do believe there is hope, there always is!

  2. Hi Meg, for sure it’s a difficult time for the US people. Hope is a good word for you right now.

    • Yes Elizabeth, I wrote four years ago after the election that I expected Americans would learn some useful lessons the hard way; but I couldn’t have imagined anything like this year.

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