In the year since my husband and I bought our Hydrow rowing machine in the 2019 Black Friday sale, we have been doing the rowing workouts regularly. The online library also includes Pilates, other flexibility exercises, and yoga, which are all in a category called “On the Mat,” but we hadn’t done anything with those—even though we bought mats when we first set up the machine.

I decided to try some of the pre-row and post-row mobility exercises last week, after the five-mile run for the virtual Turkey Trot left me feeling a bit stiff. I also did a beginner Pilates session today. They both seemed helpful for loosening up my body. Not sure if I’ll be adventurous enough to try the yoga classes, as I can’t quite picture myself standing on my head. Either way, I appreciate having so many options for fitness, health, and connection in today’s world.

Word-art with a dog in a meditation pose that says "Inhale love... exhale gratitude."

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  1. You are so inspiring in keeping up with the fitness. I have a treadmill and hubby has all the muscle equipment here, but I can’t keep up with indoor exercises. I was running 5K during the summer, outdoors. I love it, the feeling after it is done. I tried a few times on the treadmill, but I gave up. Maybe I’ll try it again!

    • Maybe you should try a different kind of indoor exercise, Elizabeth. Treadmills are not for everyone. I have to admit they don’t motivate me either. 🙂

  2. Your blog is wonder-full! You were kind enough to leave a lovely note on my blog a ways back and I rediscovered it just now … I’m finding my way back to my blog in the midst of these look-for-the-gifts times. Anyway, am enjoying getting acquainted with your blog. Love it. Subscribing! Thank you for posting your wise and beautiful words and impressions of the world; blogs rock!

    • Many thanks for this lovely comment, Paula! Your pineapple art gave me hopeful feelings four years ago, and I’m glad to see that you are blogging again. Popping over to your blog now to subscribe also 🙂

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