I like toaster corn muffins, but I don’t often see them here in Ohio because they are mainly a Southern food. When I went to get groceries on Monday, I wasn’t thinking about them at all. I just wanted to stock up on basic items because of all the reports of panic buying and bare shelves.

The bread aisle was empty of almost everything, but there were still some hamburger buns. That was the only bread item on my list, so it seemed like my grocery trip was going okay even before I looked at a small center display, which had just been stocked with—toaster corn muffins. Yum!

Whatever you’re doing this week, I hope that you also have some happy little things to keep your spirits up. Stay safe, do what you can—and keep in mind that we are going to get through this.

Word-art that says "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." -John Wooden

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  1. If the shelves continue to empty as fast as they are stocked — we are all going to get innovative. I ended up buying a brand I would not ordinarily try — we haven’t tried it yet. I don’t know why I didn’t think to just look for cornmeal so I could make my own. Thank you for sharing! Stay safe and well!

    • Thanks Becca, yes, when I talked with my mom on the phone yesterday, she also said she’d be doing more home cooking than usual. Then she started to talk about her memories of food rationing in World War Two. That certainly put things in perspective.

  2. This post is lovely! When we least expect some little thing makes us happy. I’ve never eaten toaster corn muffins, they should be great, I love corn.

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