When I noticed a bit of loose wood on a kitchen drawer, I asked my husband if he had some wood glue. He said there was some in the garage, and I should write a note to remind him to look for it. So I wrote a short note that said “wood glue for drawer” and put it on the kitchen counter.

This morning I came into the kitchen and found my son standing there with a bottle of wood glue. He said he’d seen my note and wanted to help out. So I showed him what drawer it was that needed to be repaired, and he took care of it right away.

Having people around who want to be helpful, even in small ways, is something to appreciate. Pets also—they can sense when a person needs comforting, and their joy in life always brings a smile.

Word-art that says "The little things? The little moments? They aren't little."

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  1. How wonderful your son wanted to help. This is a testament to you and your husband’s nurturing upbringing. And I totally agree about pets — they certainly provide the nurturing when needed. They are my angels.

  2. So true, Meg! My son always asks for any “projects” when he comes to visit. Sometimes there’s work for half a day 🙂

  3. Your son is lovely, so thoughtful of him. It’s great when the help comes in a surprise way.

  4. Meg you have raised your kids well.
    And yes these little moments give us happiness.

  5. Great job to your son! The little things can really warm the heart, I so agree!

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