This week I felt like I was getting into the late-winter doldrums, so I decided it was about time for some imaginary travels. A winter photo of a castle seemed just right for my digital art display. The caption identified it as the Alcázar of Segovia.

Alcázar of Segovia on a dark, snowy winter day.

I didn’t know anything about this particular castle, so I looked up the history. The castle was built over the foundation of a Roman fort in the city of Segovia in Spain, and many kings and queens ruled from it in the Middle Ages. Later it became a state prison and then a military college. The castle has been restored beautifully with its medieval artwork and is now open to the public.

Looking at the photo displayed on my wall, I could almost imagine that I had traveled to Spain and was looking out the window of a hotel in the city below the castle. That put some fun into what might otherwise have been a dull winter day!


  1. I have always wanted to visit a castle. Love them! I finally got to when I went to Italy. Would love to go to another one. Thanks for sharing and glad that it brightened your day! Love how you find ways to brighten yourself up! 🙂

  2. That looks like a castle I would love to visit too! Sometimes it is possible to ‘feel’ the history in the walls of old castles.

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