How do you know when something is clutter? Well, a pretty reliable indicator is that whenever you see it, you start thinking, “Why is this still here?” If that question has no good answer, then it’s clutter for sure!

I have a stack of old towels that I occasionally use; and somehow, a child’s beach towel with Barney the purple dinosaur ended up at the bottom of the stack. Every time I used enough towels to get down to that one, I wondered why I hadn’t gotten rid of it many years ago! But it always just got washed and put away with the others, out of simple inertia.

Child's towel with Barney the dinosaur in beach clothing. 

This year I thought I’d done a pretty good job of disposing of the “Why is this still here?” stuff. But then I saw the Barney towel again! It went straight in a bag for the thrift store. Barney and his toddler audience may be a happy family, but I’m sure my own (grown-up) family would be much happier with something else!

About Clutter Comedy: Every Sunday (which I envision as a day of rest after a productive week of de-cluttering) I post a Clutter Comedy article describing my most memorable clutter discovery of the week. Other bloggers who wish to join in are welcome—just post a link in the comments! There’s no need to publish any “before” photos of your clutter, if they are too embarrassing. The idea is simply to get motivated to clean it up, while having a bit of fun too!

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