In my home-office area there are two matching desks, which my husband and I bought in 1999. They’re still in pretty good shape; the only issue over the years has been that the file drawers came with thin curved handles, which broke many times. At one point my husband bought a bag of 10 drawer pulls because they needed replacing so often. The last time one broke, though, it finally dawned on us that maybe we should get something better, instead of always matching the old ones! So we bought nice big sturdy ones instead.

Two sturdy black drawer pulls on a wooden desk. 

Much better! Though it now seems as if it ought to have been obvious all along, we honestly never thought about it before. Over the years we’d gotten so used to the drawer pulls always being in the same style, we just couldn’t shift our mental maps enough to imagine the desks being any different. There’s a good lesson about self-nurturing here; instead of mindlessly putting up with little annoyances out of habit, it’s best to consider the alternatives!

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  1. I am always so surprised that I don’t think of alternatives more often, Meg. I can really relate to this post! : )

  2. Hi Meg, yes I agree, look for the alternatives is the best solution, but sometimes we can’t think outside the box, and always to back to the same stuff. Have a great week!

  3. Sometimes the answers are so simple that “they don’t stick out and shout!” … and when it dawns on me, I think “duh”! Great reminder! Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday!

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