My employer is a multinational company, and for the next few weeks I’ll be helping to train a group of new hires in the Philippines. Because of the time difference, that works out very efficiently—they upload their completed training exercises during their workday, which is nighttime here in the United States. Their assignments can then be completely reviewed and all the comments written during U.S. business hours, before the trainees return to their office the next day.

Although writing reviewer comments on training exercises may not be the most exciting task on the planet, when a coworker sent me the little cartoon that I’ve posted below, it left me thinking about the “epic” nature of the changes going on in the modern world and how many interesting opportunities are likely to develop as time goes on.

Word-art with an animated sticky note writing on itself "Today be epic!"

As Becca’s blog entry for today points out, there are useful lessons to be found everywhere. Even though our fast-paced modern world can feel disruptive and unsettling at times, often what that really means is that we’re learning at a much faster pace, and we haven’t yet gotten used to it. I expect that things will settle down after a while—it just takes time to reflect on those lessons.

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  1. When I worked in an office, I always liked to have a “special project” that was a little different from routine — it seemed to refresh me, and invigorate the brain and regenerate my attitude. Lessons — large and small! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m always saying, ‘every day’s a school day…’ Certainly, I never stop learning! Why, I even set up a Facebook group the other day (FB and I are not natural companions…). But I did it, and yes, I confess I felt a little bit EPIC!
    A great post, Meg 🙂

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