I did some spring cleanup in my front garden by pulling last year’s dead annual flowers—snapdragons and alyssum. I generally leave them in the ground over the winter because they sometimes can survive if the weather is mild; but although this year wasn’t as frigid as last winter, it certainly didn’t qualify as mild either!

Dry remains of last year's annual flowers after pulling them. 

I believe that touching the earth can make us feel more in touch with nature and, generally, better nurtured. So, although I often wear gardening gloves to avoid getting my hands scratched or irritated, I didn’t wear them for the few minutes it took to pull the dead flowers. I wasn’t outside very long because it has been chilly and windy the past few days, but it felt good to get out there anyway!

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  1. So true that the earth can have such a way of rejuvenating us if we but partake!

    • Remembering to partake, yes… it’s all too easy to get busy with other things and stay indoors too long, especially in the winter. Easier to think about getting outdoors in the spring!

  2. It is wonderful to ground ourselves in the earth! It provides our energetic field balance! It is also good for our spirit to have direct contact by working in the yard.

  3. Can’t wait to get out and play in the garden…

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