I woke up early this morning, probably because I hadn’t yet adjusted to Daylight Savings Time. It was still dark, and a steady rain made it seem even darker. The weather forecast predicted temperatures falling throughout the day. I got myself some coffee, changed the image on my art display to a landscape with cloudy skies, and sat down at my desk to start the workday.

Mountain landscape with cloudy skies.

(Image credit: Sheila Sund)

Outside my windows, the rain kept on falling. I started thinking about an midmorning appointment I had made, that the rain likely wouldn’t stop by that time, and that I would have to go out in it.

Before I could get too caught up in those mindless yucky-day thoughts, however, my perspective spontaneously shifted. All at once, I felt very cozy inside my nice warm house, sitting at a comfortable desk with a cup of coffee (butter toffee flavor, my favorite). The steady rhythm of the rain left me feeling connected to nature. I rather enjoyed listening to it.

I did have to go out in it after a while, of course. But that was just a simple matter of walking a few steps into my garage and getting in my car, wearing a warm coat with a hood to keep the rain off when I arrived at my destination. No problem!

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  1. I’m glad you set up your mind to appreciate the rain and the moment you were in. It depends on our view of the situation.

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