Although Tuesday was a dark and wet day here, the winter-yellowed grass in my backyard looked brighter than usual, as if it couldn’t quite contain the energy about to burst forth in spring growth. I took a photo showing the soft reflections on the wet wood of the deck and the grass beyond. At this time of year, even though it’s cool and rainy, just looking around outside gives me a feeling that the world is full of potential.

My backyard and part of the deck on a rainy day. 

I found myself thinking that a few hundred years ago, I probably would’ve been a farm wife in a little village somewhere, walking around in the mud all day in handmade shoes and perhaps running short of food by the end of the winter. So there’s certainly no reason to complain about today’s easy chores, such as driving to the supermarket and then putting the groceries away in the refrigerator and pantry!

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  1. I to like Spring for that reason. The world does seem full of promise! And love your attitude about putting away groceries on a rainy day!

  2. I liked the reflection back to times gone by…despite many ills of our times, life is much easier for most of us.

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