Since my husband took over the grocery shopping chore in March, we’ve been eating more hamburgers for dinner because that’s what he likes. We’re having burgers again today. At first I expected that it would get boring after a while, but so far it’s okay. He also has been patting out the burgers and putting them in the skillet, and they are good burgers, so I’ve decided to count them as a blessing and enjoy the moment. There will be plenty of time to get back to a dinner rotation with more variety in the future.

A coworker sent an email recently with this word-art, which goes very well here, I’d say:

Word-art with cartoon condiments saying "Relish today, ketchup tomorrow."

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  1. I’d be happy if my hubby cooked burgers for me everyday! It’s so boring to cook a different food for every meal, now that I’m at home, I have to think about the lunch and the dinner everyday! You only need to watch your weight, maybe change the buns for a salad! 🙂

    • I tried putting burgers on whole grain bread instead of a bun. Although that’s healthier, I thought it was too dry, so I went back to eating buns as usual. I also eat a salad — most often a kale salad mix, different kinds for a little variety 🙂

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