Without fiction, we wouldn’t have much understanding of reality. Even when we are busy with the most mundane tasks and think we’re not being creative at all, our minds are filled with stories. When we speak with others, we’re sharing common metaphors of our culture. We make decisions based on the internal narratives we have constructed over a lifetime to make sense of our experiences, which in turn are built upon the stories passed down to us by our ancestors.

As with our real-life experiences, some stories are more complex and take longer to develop than others. I prefer to post longer stories in installments and consolidate them on one page, each of which can be accessed through the links below.  I also have a Short Stories page.


A Dusty Green Horizon. Laila, a French university student, visits the small Libyan village from which her parents emigrated when she was very young. (This story was originally posted in seven parts.)

Breaking the Ice. Midway through the 21st century, after he has explored Mars for many years, exobiologist Mark Woods takes part in a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa in search of alien life. (This story is in progress and currently has 24 parts.)

Lost in Time. This is a jointly written story that began on the blog Nuggets of Gold. A woman feels magically drawn to walk by moonlight to a lake that holds her childhood memories. She wakes suddenly to find a much-changed, primitive landscape beside a Wild Forest where witches of great power dwell. (This story is in progress and currently has 20 parts.)

Dragon Control, Inc. When dragons suddenly show up in downtown Knoxville, everyone freaks out, except for two adventurous friends who see it as a great business opportunity. Just when it looks like they have the dragon problem under control, more of the pesky creatures appear in a Transylvanian forest. (This story is in progress and currently has 12 parts.)