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After working yesterday morning, I went to get a flu shot. I took the afternoon off, just because the weather was nice and I have more vacation than the one week I can carry over into January.

I was reminded of a post I wrote three years ago on the topic of taking half-days just to relax. Because I had gotten in the habit of rushing around from one thing to another, taking vacation time for no particular reason felt wasteful. To illustrate being busy with chores, I posted this image of my willow hedge, which needed lots of pruning because it wasn’t tolerating climate change well (this year I’ve cut the willows back to a much smaller and more manageable size, hoping they’ll get healthier after a while).

Willows after pruning in October.

Although I’ve mostly recovered from being a time-hoarder, I still wasn’t feeling entirely relaxed yesterday. Having all that extra vacation got me thinking about road trips not taken and, more generally, what a messed-up year this had been for the world.

Then my husband, who is still working from home, has overtime work at present, and doesn’t have vacation because he changed jobs in December, said (while sitting at his desk) that it must be nice to have all those vacation days. That was a well-taken reminder to be more appreciative!


  1. I like this! I have had those same thoughts, thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree with your husband, we need to appreciate all the free time we have. I really enjoyed to be working from home, it wasn’t easy at the start, but I settled into the ortine and it was lovely. Willow trees are so pretty!

    • My husband enjoys it too — he wants to keep working from home, if he can, after things get back to normal next year. And yes, willows are pretty. Mine are not really trees, but large pussy-willow bushes, so they don’t look too bad cut down to the size of smaller bushes. I’ll be happy when they grow more again, though.

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