After I said something to my husband earlier this week about wishing that the world would hurry up and get back to normal so it wouldn’t feel like we’re living through the zombie apocalypse, he asked if that was a movie. I said no, it’s a genre of stories where a virus turns millions of people into zombies and the survivors hide indoors.

After thinking about that for a little while, he called me to come and look at something on the computer. He had made a list of the rowing regattas where we like to compete in the fall season. The list included the date for each, and he told me that most of them already have been scheduled.

That cheered me up a lot—I appreciated his kindness in putting together that list to show me, and I could tell that he felt happier too.

Word-art that says "Be kind, feel happy."

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  1. Oh, Meg, it’s so good to know things are getting back to normal in some parts of the world. But you are right, it really feels like we are part of a zombie movie with everybody hiding indoors. And your hubby is really nice trying to cheer you up!

    • Yes, it’s going to be such a relief when things get back to normal. So much was taken for granted before, like having dinner at a restaurant… I expect we’ll appreciate the little things much more.

  2. How wonderful—and what a cool hubby you have! Glad some events are getting back on the calendar… things do feel a bit more hopeful… or maybe it’s’cause I got my first vaccination yesterday, but either way, enjoyed this post and all your writings very much!

    • Thanks Paula, yes, very cool 🙂 He was in training to become a rowing referee when the pandemic hit, so he had to wait a year, but now there are spring events where he can finish the training, yay.

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