Halfway through the winter, it’s cold and snowy here, and I’ve been wishing that I could curl up in a nice cozy burrow and hibernate until the world gets back to normal. Not having that ability, I have been looking for comfortable things that give the feeling of a safe, well-furnished burrow, like in all those classic children’s stories with talking animals. Here’s an image that lifted my mood recently—I hope you like it too!

Cup and pine cones with the caption "Favorite Things."

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  1. I do love this—both the thought and the beautiful pine cone photo!! Pinecones are a favorite of mine because I love pine trees (my island is covered in fledgling pine groves after being clear cut for lumber in the 50s), and, because I discovered pinecones were once revered by ancient people as a symbol of connection to the divine and intuition. Turns out the “pineal” gland (third eye) is named for a pinecone (it’s shaped like that!). I also adore pineapples, which were named in part for the pinecone shaped and textured bottom of the fruit (which native Lucayans in The Bahamas called “ananas”). Thanks for sharing this and letting me witter on here about why I love pinecones—used to live in snowy climes and fell in love with them as a kid!

  2. I know, we are far away but our feelings are the same. I’m doing lots of art pages, trying to colour a bit the world. I’m using it as a therapy. At least in my studio, I have colour and imagination. Hope you find a way to cope with these halfway to spring, and this endless pandemic.

    • Hi Elizabeth, yes, art and blogging are both very good therapy. As the sun rises higher every morning, I just keep on reminding myself that we’ll get there sometime.

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