After visiting for a few days, my daughter drove back to her home in Cleveland this afternoon, with her dogs. Although the drive takes a few hours, that doesn’t bother her at all. She often comes to visit; and even when she’s busy working and can’t be here in person, she keeps in touch by calling and texting.

My husband pointed out that we set a good example when she was in school and we always drove to her soccer games. Because of that, she considers it perfectly normal to take road trips and spend a lot of time visiting with family. Although it felt hectic for us at the time, always having to carefully plan our vacation time around the soccer schedule, it definitely turned out for the best.

Word-art that says "Some days will look like diamonds, some days will look like coal. But diamonds don't always sparkle and rocks aren't always dull. Each day is what we make of it; it holds no guarantee. So choose to make the best of it since what will be will be."

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  1. Indeed. …you have set the example of family time by driving to college games.. n now you reap the reward..?
    Enjoyed the post.. the quote..n the concept of Nurturing Thursday. Should try to nurture myself by participating?

  2. I really like the way you look at life Meg. When we love someone we plan/adjust our routines accordingly without any fuss. You have set a good example.Life is collection of such small happy moments. Stay blessed.

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