The Fitbit wars continued today, as my daughter started a new one-day challenge—after she worked out this morning, of course. Meanwhile, I hadn’t done much besides going to the supermarket on my lunch hour, and it was a windy day with rain blowing in.

Late in the afternoon, the sky got very dark, and there was even a tornado warning. Although I didn’t see anything other than a single flash of lightning, it definitely wasn’t the sort of afternoon to go outdoors for exercise. Not that it mattered because I generally work later on Thursdays, so I was still at my desk while the others in my family went to the gym.

The rain was over by the time I finished my work, though, and it was pleasantly warm outside, so I went for a walk. The sky had pretty much cleared by then, and the birds were singing happily. I ended up being glad that I’d gotten a little nudge to go out and enjoy it.

Word-art that says "We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

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  1. Sometimes working late has its bonuses 🙂
    We are still being battered by winds – I darent go out, being unsteady on my feet on a calm day!
    Happy NT, Meg 🙂

  2. It still too cold here for a walk outdoors, can’t wait to get warm and I can feel the pleasure of a walk early morning. I don’t like wind, makes my hair messy, now that it’s short I can’t put it on a ponytail, but I guess hats can keep it in place, so wind or no wind I’ll be out there as soon as possible. Have a great weekend my dear.

    • Thanks, enjoy your weekend too! I didn’t wear a hat and just let my hair get messy. No harm done, it can always get brushed later.

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