After work this evening, I took off the nail polish that I got almost three weeks ago when I went for a manicure with my daughter and her bridesmaids on the day before the wedding. That was a good memory, and removing the polish left me feeling a bit sad, but my nails had grown enough that the task couldn’t reasonably be put off anymore.

I don’t often wear nail polish, and now it seems a bit peculiar to be back to natural after three weeks of shiny rose-gold fingertips! But I am grateful for my daughter’s thoughtfulness in inviting me to go with her to the nail salon, and glad to have the memory even though I am not literally wearing it anymore.

Word-art that says "Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

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  1. very nice! A cherished memory.

  2. Indeed, a lovely memory 🙂

  3. Thanks, Meg, for taking the time to use the contact form, I really appreciate it!!
    I’ve noticed Blogger blogs (in general) are taking an AGE to publish a comment – and often you need to press the Publish button a couple of times…
    Also, I’ve changed the settings, and there should be a comment pop-out window – don’t know if that will make any difference…
    Wish I could figure out Wordpress, but I can’t, so I persevere with Blogger…

    • Blogger always had glitchy comments, even before Google bought them out and integrated the comments with Gmail. Google fixed some things but didn’t do so well with others, which just seems to be the way of things. I have my own problems using WordPress on a virtual private server; my husband does a good job of maintaining it, but every now and again the Jetpack plugin for comments doesn’t work and knocks the whole blog offline.

  4. Your notation of sadness after shining tips for 3 weeks reminds me of how I feel after taking down Christmas tree lights. It takes a space of time to readjust. Thank you for taking a simple task and memory and turning it into a nurturing post.

    • Yes, it does feel similar to taking down the Christmas tree lights, or putting away flip-flops in the basement closet when the summer is over. Glad, you enjoyed the post, Becca.

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