In difficult and traumatic times such as we’ve been through recently, it takes more effort to stay confident and move toward a better future. Even so, that’s when we most need to make the effort.

Word-art that says "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." -Henry David Thoreau

Nurturing Thursday was started by Becca Givens and seeks to “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy.” Visit her site to find more Nurturing Thursday posts and a list of frequent contributors.


  1. Beautiful & very timely quote!

    • Thanks Paula! Because Wednesday’s events were so disturbing, when I sat down to write this post it took me half an hour to put two sentences together. The words just weren’t there. But, as you say, the quotation was enough.

      • Your intro was what made the quote just right … and so true that it’s harder in the midst of such very disturbing recent events. I’m feeling it too and it’s so true about it being harder and more important to make the effort at times like these. Apologies for not echoing that more in my note. The whole concept of Nurturing Thursday is so beautiful and grateful you make time to post and be part of it! Love Henry David Thoreau quotes and it gave me a much-needed smile here!! Thank you.

  2. Inspiring quote! As we get older it is more difficult to go for our dreams, at least I’m feeling this way. When we are young everything seems much easier and we are brave to risk everything and dream.

    • When we are older, we have enough perspective to understand that everything will change. So, following dreams feels like more of a risk because we know that whatever happens, it’s not going to be forever. That gets us wondering if it is worth the investment. At a younger age, we don’t ask that question as often because we value experiences, not just results. As time goes by and we get more set in our ways, we (both as individuals and as a society) need to remind ourselves of how much we gain from new experiences.

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