I am writing this post on a desktop computer where the background images are a collection of landscapes with paths, which change automatically from one to another every few minutes. My husband found them last year. They’ve been very good for my soul, inviting me to go for refreshing imaginary walks along those peaceful paths, rather than just sitting in my chair focused entirely on producing words on a white screen.

I’ve also found myself drawn to similar images when I look through the online gallery for the digital art display I got for Christmas. At present, I have it set to display a wooden bridge or walkway leading to a beach, with palm trees and other tropical plants on both sides. This picture makes me feel almost as if I could step into the frame and be somewhere far away on a magical adventure.

Digital art display on my dining room wall, showing a wooden walkway leading to a beach. 

We have many stories like that in our culture—the Narnia books and the Myst game come to mind. These familiar stories speak to a truth that our ancestors knew long ago, when they put on animal masks and danced with the tribe’s guardian spirits. Our world really does feel more magical when we surround ourselves with bright, fanciful images that call us to explore it!

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  1. I envision stepping right through the portal … ahhhh! <3

  2. I find Images that lead us into the distance intriguing and magical, Meg. They open up the imagination and seem to embody hope! 🙂

    • Yes, in real life we’re surrounded so much by walls and other artificial structures, I believe we need those imaginary paths through natural landscapes just to get back some balance!

  3. I would love to take a walk through that frame! I agree that our outer spaces have a major influence on our moods, which is why I love finding ways to keep my spaces organized. Uncluttered spaces have a calming effect in and of themselves.

    • Yes, I agree — empty spaces spark happy creative thoughts about new ways to fill them, while clutter just feels like dead weight dragging down the energy.

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