My mother-in-law enjoys gambling. She occasionally goes to Vegas or takes bus trips to casinos with her friends. When she gambles, she decides in advance how much money to put toward it, in an amount she wouldn’t be too upset about losing. If she wins, that’s good; and if not, there’s always another chance for better luck next time.

Slot machine with bars and 7s.

(Creative Commons image via flickr)

I do not gamble and have never visited a casino, but this approach strikes me as a good attitude to have toward life generally. We’re always making decisions about how much money or time to spend on everyday things; and if we take the perspective that it’s just a small amount and its loss would be no big deal, then we’re less likely to get upset when something doesn’t work out the way it was intended.

So many people are afraid to make choices and try new things because they might be wrong. Well, so what? In most situations, being wrong is not a major calamity. If we try a new activity and don’t like it, or if we buy something and it turns out to be a waste of money, that’s not much different from losing a small amount of gambling money, and there’s no reason to be upset about it.

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  1. All decisions provide lessons we hopefully learn from! So glad you are connected with Nurturing Thursday! 😀

    • Thanks Becca — I’m glad too! Nurturing Thursday has helped me to do a better job of self-nurturing, and now I have more creative energy and blogging is more fun. 😀

  2. It’s always good to have a plan!!!

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  4. Good comparisson. I think we can only learn from it and move on 🙂

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