I was having an email conversation with a friend recently about how some things have changed for the better this year, even though it still feels like being a character in a bad zombie movie sometimes. She wrote that her family has been calmer and more focused since staying home, and I replied that my husband and I also have been feeling much more relaxed.

Giving myself permission to let things develop at their natural pace, without pushing myself to do more or feeling inadequate if I don’t yet have a clear sense of what to do, has made so much difference. Before now, I hadn’t realized how far I had gotten away from the simple enjoyment of being.

Word-art that says "I simply am."

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  1. I’m always trying to focus on simplicity. I am focusing more on myself and family things, I’ve been doing exercises and taking care of my face and hair. Simple things, but we don’t have patience or time during the rush of workdays. I hope I’ll keep up with them!

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