Yesterday my mom and stepfather, who live in another state, came to town for a visit. We had lunch and chatted for a while afterward, catching up on what everyone had been doing recently. They brought a nice set of flowerpots, which my mom said she thought I might like for growing herbs in the spring.

Afterward I thought about how fortunate I am to have a family that enjoys pleasant visits together. As this amusing bit of word-art I came across recently illustrates, not everyone is so lucky:

Word-art that says "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." -Oscar Wilde

People often take family relationships for granted, not really thinking about whether they are bringing happiness to their family members. But just as with growing herbs or flowers, cultivation and loving care are needed for a family to flourish. I hope that as I grow older, my visits will be appreciated too!

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  1. This message is so true! I love the accompanying quote! Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday!

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