Although it’s officially spring, today was chilly and windy here, and I was glad that I didn’t have to go anywhere besides walking down the driveway to get the mail. Mostly I just sat at my desk. My work was about the same as always. During a break I went downstairs to get some exercise on the rowing machine.

I’m planning to row at a regatta in Tennessee with my husband over the Memorial Day weekend. We are very much looking forward to getting out again; but after being at home for such a long time, it still seems far away and not quite real yet. I wasn’t thinking much about getting ready for the competition while rowing on the machine, but was focused on maintaining good form and sitting up straight.

Then my husband came downstairs to chat for a few minutes, and he mentioned that I was sitting up straight and looking good. He expects us to do well at the regatta because we have been working out regularly and getting faster. I was glad that he noticed my efforts; and this was a good reminder that every day matters, even when it seems like there’s not much happening.

Word-art that says "Today matters."

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