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I have a good relaxing afternoon planned for Tuesday. After an ordinary morning of work, I’ll have my hair done in the early afternoon, and then I’m getting a massage. My digital art display shows a peaceful autumn scene. If all goes as planned, I should be nice and mellow by the time I vote later in the day.

Colorful trees with falling leaves beside a creek.

Unfortunately, some of today’s politicians are notorious for deliberately stirring up anger to motivate their supporters. That sort can be found in more than one political party, and I won’t mention any names because I have better things to do than give them attention.

Anger and fear can be effective motivators for a short time, but they have predictable effects. After a few years, the stress builds up, leaving people drained of energy and unhealthy. Of course, the politicians who stirred up such feelings don’t care because they already got the votes they wanted, and they’re not looking beyond the current election cycle.

Choosing public officials should involve considering the values and ideals that shape our society, and how each candidate would reflect them. Some of the values needed now, as I see it, are decency, civility, stable government, and respect for the rule of law. I plan to vote accordingly, without wasting time and energy on anger. Surely we can all do better.


  1. This is not just limited to one country but spreading widely.
    We can change things with our valuable votes.

    Thanks for talking about it.
    Do you mind if I share your views in a closed group?
    I can maintain anonimity if you wish or can mention the site.
    I respect what you decide.

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