As the year winds down, I’ve been considering what intentions to set for the New Year. At this point, I haven’t yet formed a clear image in my mind. I feel that my energy has gotten a bit scattered from distractions. Everything seems to be working out well, in general, and I have no reason to complain. All I need right now is time to rest and reflect. Giving more thought to intentions is probably a good place to start.

Word-art with long inspirational quote that begins with "Intentions are causes that create effects."

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  1. Hi Meg, beautiful reminder! I don’t set intentions, but I’ve chosen words for the last few years. I think it is simple and easier to remember. I haven’t chosen my one yet for next year, generally, I do it in the last weak.

    • I’ve been doing both, and I agree with keeping it simple. Earlier this year, my subconscious mind yelled at me that I was making it too complicated, and to quit doing that right now! So I’ll do better this year, I hope 🙂

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