Although I started writing this post as the sun was going down, the birds are still happily chirping away outside the window. They can sense springtime in the air, the world feels right to them, and they believe that everything they do is naturally going to work out well.

I’m also feeling cheerful today because I got new glasses, which always leaves me literally looking at the world with fresh eyes because I am so nearsighted that I wear them all the time. I found some cute frames that suit my face well. So I’m in a mood for a bit of virtual chirping too!

Word-art that says "Believe you can and you're halfway there." -Theodore Roosevelt

(Word-art courtesy of Shari’s Berries)

Nurturing Thursday was started by Becca Givens and seeks to “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy.” Visit her site to find more Nurturing Thursday posts and a list of frequent contributors.


  1. Indira Mukhopadhyay

    Hi Meg! I would love to see your snap with glasses and chirping too.

    • Thanks Indira, yes, I do need to change my Gravatar picture to show me with the new glasses. The photo I’ve been using is about two years old.

  2. I am nearsighted — and got my new glasses last week! It’s fun to have a new change — to be able to see and new frames! I am trying out transition lenses this time around. Thank you for your contribution to Nurturing Thursday!

  3. I love your post. I hope you are getting used to the new frame and love your new look.

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