On Monday night there were multiple tornadoes here in the Dayton, Ohio area. One of them came very close to my house. My next-door neighbors lost their flagpole. My house and yard had no damage, which was very lucky. We didn’t even lose power.

It took my husband (who usually has a short commute) about two hours to get to work Tuesday morning because there were fallen trees and other damage all over the area. Meanwhile, I was sitting at my desk working from home. There was no water because Dayton’s pumps had lost power. I had a plastic water bottle on my desk, next to a bowl of first-of-the-season cherries, and I was counting my blessings.

A bowl of cherries and a plastic water bottle on a desk with a computer.

Water was restored to my area Wednesday afternoon but was still under a boil advisory today. My husband mowed the lawn this afternoon when he got home from work, and he told me that he had to pick up several pieces of debris from other people’s wrecked houses that had blown into our yard. Some residents of ruined apartments were standing outside in the rain with all their belongings, which they couldn’t even move because there was such a long wait for rental trucks. Meanwhile, some of our not-so-thankful neighbors were complaining about how long it took before they got back their water.

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  1. It is so true we have many blessings. Sadly, our blessings are overlooked and taken from granted. We too had storms roll through northern Illinois last Monday afternoon – we got a lot of rain, our neighbors south of us got hail, and there were a couple of twisters that touched ground in our region. I am glad to read you and your home are safe. Keep staying positive and I will, too. We are the hope that others will follow our lead. Peace.

  2. The weather and its aftermath have been a challenge for so many … I am glad you and your family are safe!

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