I’ve been on vacation this week in the sunny South with my husband and, for part of the week, our daughter. She is a grown woman and usually busy, so it’s now somewhat rare for her to come along on our road trips. Although she couldn’t stay the whole week, we much enjoyed having the time together.

Today, my husband and I rowed together in the morning and rode bicycles in the afternoon, under a beautifully clear sky. We are treasuring these moments and feeling blessed.

Word-art that says "There are blessings every day... find them...create them...treasure them..."

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  1. Sounds so beautiful & like very treasured moments indeed! Always a smile to see your wonderful Nurturing Thursday posts.

    • Hi Paula, I’ve been neglecting my blog this week, but it’s okay. The fun vacation was worth a few days of feeling tired from the long trip home. 🙂

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