On Tuesday, I gave a presentation on Resilience, Stress Tolerance, and Flexibility, which I had mentioned in a previous post was one of my projects for this year. It was part of a series by several presenters, aimed at helping employees feel comfortable with digital transformation. The pace of automation at my company has been much faster recently, and people have been getting stressed about it, especially after all the disruptions in the world generally.

This was my first company-wide presentation, and although the audience wasn’t huge, it was enough to make me nervous anyway. I needed to take my own advice on helpful ways to calm down and find focus! But my mentor was very positive, one of the other presenters helped me by finding good animations for some of my slides, and everything went well. I even got a compliment on my avatar (I’ve been using the same one at work that I use here).

Afterward, I thanked my mentor for encouraging me to get involved with the presentation group and told her that the project definitely had improved my own skills in Resilience, Stress Tolerance, and Flexibility! Having the opportunity to work with people who are so kind and cheerful left me feeling very good.

Word-art with a beehive that says "Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul." -Proverbs 16.24

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  1. Glad it went well! It’s nice when people recognize and value our work. Preparing a presentation isn’t easy, we can’t make everyone happy, but if most like, so it’s perfect. Your avatar is great, I’ve already mentioned it.

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