Once upon a time when I wasn’t so concerned about whether I should be doing more important things instead, I wrote goofy stories in response to challenges posted on creative writers’ lists. You know, stuff like “Write a story where the main character’s lines come from the lyrics of a popular song.” But I got busy with other things and didn’t write much fiction for a while. After that, I found it wasn’t flowing as easily as it once did, but instead felt more like a slow stream lazily meandering through mossy rocks.

Stream flowing through mossy rocks.

(Creative Commons image via flickr)

Then I was reminded of how much I once liked challenge stories when the author of the cheerful blog Nuggets of Gold recently invited her readers to post ideas for story topics in the comments, and she would find something to do with them! So I’ve decided to give my creative writing a boost by joining in the fun with a new weekly feature, Tuesday’s Tales. Even if I end up with a lot of silliness, at least it’ll keep me from taking myself and my writing too seriously.

Readers, please feel free to post challenge topics here. What would you like to see a story about?


  1. I LOVE this! Awesome that I inspired you and can’t wait to read your tales! Love the pic you put with your words too! I will definitely give you an idea, just let me sleep on it tonight for my brain is tired. I just will warn you that you may get some crazy ideas! Depends on what kind of friends you have, LOL! Good luck!

  2. I have a writing teacher who would read us a piece of poetry and we’d have to write a short piece off of it or a line from a song or the first three lines from a letter to the editor and so forth. We’d have 6-8 minutes to write something in response. Was a really great tool for writing. So delighted to share in your exercise.

    Here are the first lines to a poem called, “Emerald Spider Between Rose Thorns” by Dean Young:

    ‘Imagine, not even or really ever tasting
    a peach until well over 50, not once…”

    I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with it. I may join you in this. Sounds fun…..

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