The online library supporting my digital art display was shut down last week. I knew that was bound to happen sometime; the manufacturer went out of business six years ago, and the company that acquired it, Giphy, never did anything with it other than maintaining the database. So, now the display is permanently stuck on the last image I downloaded, which was a mountain landscape.

Over the years, I very much enjoyed being able to change the picture every day, creating a virtual window showing many imaginary journeys. Here is the most recent image I uploaded to it:

Ocean view with blooming honeysuckle in the foreground.

(Photo credit: Pragster)

So, now I’ll have to look into what else is available that would make a good replacement. While writing this post, I felt as if I should’ve had some sad classical music playing in the background. A dark, rainy afternoon with heavy clouds definitely matched the mood. Tragic opera, for sure.


  1. Oh, that’s sad! I hope your work finds an equivalent home soon, it deserves it.

    • Thanks Jessica! Most of the images I uploaded were not my own work, but instead were Creative Commons photos that I was sharing. Still, it’s sad having to let it all go.

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