My husband sometimes has described me as a very patient person. I suspect he is giving me too much credit in that regard because I don’t feel as patient as I would like to be. Especially now, I really want life to hurry up and get better. Not just back to normal, or just a little better—a LOT better, and oh yeah, right NOW. I want great things to happen, and I want them to show up yesterday.

I know that I’m not the only person who feels this way. Everyone reading this post probably has similar feelings. Still, I have to admit that I am far from being a patient person. Persistent, yes, but that’s not the same. Being persistent is just a matter of keeping on, while patience has more to do with perspective and calmly accepting that not everything will happen at once. I haven’t mastered the latter, but am still—persistently, at least—working on it.

Word-art that says "Never give up because great things take time."

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  1. I’m always surprised how people describe me. It’s interesting to know the view of others, but it doesn’t change our own perspective. And yes, we all need patience right now!

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