I’ve had the windows open much of the week because the spring weather has been just lovely. A pleasant breeze from the north brought the scent of fresh blossoms into my dining room. Setting the digital art frame to display a cheerful beachfront animation made it feel like I’d rented a cottage at a tropical vacation resort, even though I never really left home!

My dining room with spring blossoms outside open windows and a beachfront picture on the wall. 

When a few small things are enough to find beauty in the moment, it doesn’t take much to transform everyday life into something magical.

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  1. Yes Meg, a small detail can be magical! Lovely post!

  2. Opening our eyes to what is right in front of us could bring a great deal of peace to us.
    A lovely reminder, Meg, to enjoy the moment of ‘Now’.
    Isadora ??

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