Often when people are too busy, it’s because they’ve gotten the idea that if they don’t do everything, then it won’t get done. Of course, that is not really true. It’s not all on us. Lots of things happen whether we’re involved or not. Most of us are nowhere near indispensable in our jobs and other obligations, however much we might like to think we are; and Mother Nature does as she pleases.

I planted snapdragons in my garden next to some that had survived the winter, as I mentioned in a post a month ago. Here’s a photo showing two large plants on either side (the survivors, now blooming) with the freshly planted ones in between and smaller plants from last year’s seeds popping up all around.

Snapdragons in bloom with two plants larger than the others.

If I hadn’t gotten impatient for a bit of color in early May, I could easily have waited, and the garden would have filled in with snapdragons naturally. I see it as a good reminder that even though we always have things we want to do, the world is not going to fall apart if we don’t happen to get them done!

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  1. Yes that is a great reminder! Pretty picture?
    Did you see my post In a perfect world…… What would you add to it☺ and feel free to comment on what you think about the USA and fun control if you want ☺I touched on our school shootings in my post and my Canadian friend commented and asked what is our problem with guns. Hard question to answer!

  2. It can be difficult to slow down. Nature is always a helpful reminder.
    Lovely colorful flowers.
    Isadora ??

  3. Lovely post. We are so lucky as we are allowed to go wrong. Life is more fun in this way 🙂

  4. Ohhh, so true!! As a friend frequently asks me … “What is the worse that can happen?” … then once that is answered, she asks again … “What is the worse that can happen?” … on and on. Until one realizes … ahhh!!!
    Thank you for the reminder — enjoy your beautiful flowers!! 🙂

  5. Wise words indeed, Meg! I’ve had to learn this the hard way since the stroke and accept the fact I simply can’t do the things I used to! Yes, the house is usually a mess, but we’re all still here, alive and kicking 😀 xx

  6. Great post, Meg! I have been finally letting go of having the house in perfect order. It’s taken me a long time to let go of the guilt! I like your picture of your snapdragons, how lucky that some survived the winter! They were my daughters’ favorite flowers when they were young, they loved pretending that their fingers were getting snapped! xx

  7. I have rosemary, thyme, sage, and mint growing likes weeds in an herb garden I plants over a year ago. I basically do nothing to the garden but let the irrigation water it. It is such a cool feeling to now have these herbs growing in abundance rather than having to buy them at the grocery store – especially when I don’t have to do a thing to maintain them.

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